About Us

Insights. Strategy. Action.

C3Research was founded with the vision of integrating the latest advances in marketing knowledge with useful and practical applications in marketing. We are a group of marketing strategy experts who are passionate about marketing research and the role it plays in marketing. We are dedicated researchers with rich experience in academic research, consulting, and marketing practice form the core group around which a whole new research institution is being built.

Research Centers

Each center provides advanced knowledge and research tools that help build powerful brands.

The firm is organized as three research centers: The Center for Brand Research, the Center for Business Research, and the Center for Customer Value Measurement. The mandate for each center is to build leading edge capabilities, conduct applied R&D, and provide marketing research and consulting services in their areas.

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Distinctive Differences

Marketing research should help you see your problems and opportunities clearly and reveal the path to success.

At C3Research, we ensure that we approach each project understanding what you want to know, and how this research will impact your business. What is the true strategic problem or opportunity you face? How will research help you find a solution? Once we have clarified the strategic issues at hand, we can help you with research that will drive results, not just produce information.

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Leadership Team

The C3Research team consists of professionals who come with diverse backgrounds to provide the academic rigor and strategic thinking to conduct cutting edge research.

The C3R team consists of Ph.D. level marketing researchers and an executive team of marketing strategists. The team is equipped with the latest in technology to provide powerful insights through eye trackers, EDA, ECG, and Facial EMG. The blend of researchers and technology creates the unique DNA that helps maximize the output from each session to strategically solve challenging problems to drive results in a cost effective approach.

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Our Work

We conduct research for different clients and industries around the world using the most advanced technologies.

The C3Research team handles a mix of clients ranging from the second largest hospital chain in the country to a Fortune 100 consumer technology giant. The research technology we use includes the latest generation of Eye Trackers from Tobii, Biometrics and EEG, and several tilt and pan cameras. Our global team conducts studies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

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Global Reach

Research studies are conducted worldwide. We have set up and conducted research studies in the UK, Germany, Nordics, Brazil, Mexico, India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia and many more.

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