Customer Value

Love Your Customers

Research on customer satisfaction, value measurement and data mining that aid clients in turning customer transactions into long-term customer relationships. These tools are especially tailored for sectors such as tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and banking.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction does not always lead to loyalty. What are the drivers of satisfaction and loyalty that build customer equity? How do we improve retention?

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Lifetime Value

Customer life time value can be maximized through gaining additional customers, retaining customers longer, and increasing their purchases.

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Data Mining

In today’s technologically driven world, companies find themselves lost in a vast proliferation of data. Using advanced data mining techniques combined with computerized statistical data analysis methods, we can uncover useful patterns in the data and develop segmentation schemes.

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Customer Relationship

Marketing seems to be running in place for most businesses. Mass marketing is increasingly ineffective. Database marketing ignores real consumer needs.

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