Business Research

Compete on Your Terms

We conduct research in the area of business strategy using innovative techniques to help clients understand the entire strategic canvas. Areas of expertise include market and industry structure analysis, market segmentation, diffusion of new products, and predictive modeling.

Strategy Assessment

Strategy is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

We provide extensive research support using the 5C framework to develop winning competitive strategy. The 5C elements are: Context (market and industry structure), Company, Customer, Competition, and Collaborators. The data is collected primarily from secondary sources, proprietary research, company records and internal sources. The 5C analysis emphasizes analytical rigor and creative interpretation. The method is a blend of convergent, divergent, and practical thinking and application that results in compelling strategic insights and opportunities.

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Competitive Intelligence

Spot new opportunities and understand the future market.

We conduct competitive analysis in 3 key areas: Strategic Group Analysis, Market Mapping, and Environment Analysis. This approach gives a full view of the market to help spot new market opportunities, define the competition, and understand the macro environmental factors that provide the big picture of the market.

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Measuring ROI

C3Research uses a sophisticated time series modeling approach to tease apart the short-term sales impulse as well as the long-term brand equity build up due to advertising.

We first examine the sales and advertising data to assess predictable trends. Next, we set up a vector auto regression model (a “fancy” version of regression in which multiple equations are linked). We primarily deal with three series: sales performance, marketing budget, and competitors’ marketing budget. The model is set up in such a way that we can determine cause and effect in a time sequence.

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Technology Innovations

High technology consumer products follow a consumer adoption path that could be very different from conventional consumer products.

We bring an in-depth understanding of how technology products are adopted and how technology markets evolve. Technology market creation and product adoption and diffusion are studied using Bass diffusion modeling techniques.

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