Discovery Research

Discovery research is a systematic and disciplined creative research methodology that combines fact finding research with creative ideation and strategy building in an iterative process.

Discovery research goes beyond discovering facts to discovering powerful ideas based on facts that can be used
to develop clear brand marketing strategy.

  • The concept of emergent research design guides the process: As the research progresses, we revise and update our strategy ideas, as well as the research guide and techniques that are used in the next phase of research and ideation.
  • At the end of the process, the research findings should converge on clear directions for developing a Brand / Marketing Strategy brief.

The choice of qualitative techniques is dictated by the research problem and the product category, and there are multiple qualitative techniques to get consumerĀ perspectives to help identify possible areas of differentiation.


Laddering refers to an interviewing technique that can be used to elicit connections and reveals the linkages between attributes, consequences, and values used by respondents to justify their beliefs and/or behavior.

Hierarchical Means / Mind Map

A methodology to construct a hierarchy or tree-like structure to see the relationship among entities.

Metaphor / Photo Elicitation

Metaphor Elicitation is a projective technique that uses visual stimuli and metaphors to uncover respondent perceptions. By thinking about and searching for images brings hidden, unconscious thoughts to the surface.