Brand Research

Research Tools to Build Powerful Brands

Center expertise includes brand equity and brand asset tracking studies, quantitative and qualitative advertising research, quasi-experimental lab research, and measuring website branding.

Brand Equity

Brands are intangible assets: very valuable, but equally ephemeral. Brand equity can be damaged by using the wrong advertising, making reckless pricing decisions, and taking competitive actions. How do we create, nurture, and protect brand equity?

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Brand Strategy

Developing a successful brand strategy requires a decision making and planning process that effectively handles and positions the brand in the consumer’s mind. The strategic actions differentiate the organization or product, leaving a perception of advantage and awareness that establishes strong favorable feelings and reactions towards the brand.

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Discovery Research

Discovery research is a systematic and disciplined creative research methodology that combines fact finding research with creative ideation and strategy building in an iterative process. Discovery research goes beyond discovering facts to discovering powerful ideas based on facts that can be used to develop clear brand marketing strategy.

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Innovation Research

The objective of Innovation Research is to identify new product and service concepts that add real value to consumers. We follow a problem based ideation process to generate useful and viable ideas that are practical and implementable.

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