Research Centers

Research Centers

Each center provides advanced knowledge and research tools that help build powerful brands.

The firm is organized as three research centers: The Center for Brand Research, the Center for Business Research, and the Center for Customer Value Measurement. The mandate for each center is to build leading edge capabilities, conduct applied R&D, and provide marketing research and consulting services in their areas.

Center for Brand Research

The center provides advanced knowledge and research tools to build powerful brands. Marketing research methodologies and tools are used to aid the brand strategist. Center expertise includes brand equity and brand asset tracking studies, quantitative and qualitative advertising research, quasi-experimental lab research, and measuring website branding.

Center for Business Research.

The center specializes in conducting business research such as competitive strategy analysis, mathematical modeling of markets and competitive structures, and advertising ROI measurement. Competitive strategy analysis is conducted using secondary research data. Optimal advertising spend levels are estimated using econometric time series models with impulse response functions. Statistical and econometric methods are used to conduct market segmentation and market structure studies, estimate diffusion of new products, and build predictive models.

Center for Customer Value Measurement.

Research that aids clients in turning customer transactions into long-term customer relationships. The center combines customer satisfaction research with CRM capabilities to design a complete system for building brand equity. Areas of specialization include customer satisfaction, value measurement, and data mining.