Our Work

Our Work

Fortune 500 Consumer Healthcare Products

Physician Research – Analyzed physician survey data across 7 countries in Europe to estimate adoption of a new pharmaceutical product across various target physician segments.

Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods

Online Ad Effectiveness – Conducted eye tracker sessions with target psychographic segments to measure online advertising effectiveness for a household products megabrand. Results were used to identify a potential online advertising strategy with implications across other brands.

Fortune 500 Multinational Technology Company

New Product Retail Strategy – Constructed mock retail store, with newest laptops and tablets, to facilitate an environment for demonstrating a new-to-market perceptual computing technology. Insights used to develop retail strategy for promotion and sale of the technology.

Content/Design Optimization – Choice-based conjoint task – Identified content and design corner cases for shoppers when browsing/comparing computing devices in-store in order to optimize messaging to drive purchase.

Online Asset Effectiveness – Mobile WebLab with targeted consumer segments to measure asset effectiveness for new generation computer components. Findings led to identification of opportunities and improvements for optimization in the online space.

Second Largest Hospital System

Digital Strategy Research – Conducted eye tracker and group labs for baseline testing to gauge drivers of traffic and decision making. Next phase of research will be composed of usability and eProduct development sessions to improve current browsing experience and build a decision making platform.

Experiential Brand Strategy – Identified drivers of hospital satisfaction, and the role of experience in building brand perceptions. Measured brand awareness, attitude and image perceptions for hospitals within the health system.

Hospice Care Re-Branding Study – Conducted administrative and physician interviews, and consumer focus groups to uncover a solution for the damaged brand name.

Competitive Ad Testing – Conducted focus groups, concept development, and quantitative testing to explore new ER advertisement strategies.

Long Range Hospital Planning – Conducted strategy sessions with System CMO and marketing teams to design a penetration plan for three area markets. Goal was to accomplish a growth plan to be achieved by 2020.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys – Measured perceptions of quality and overall experience ratings with Hospital Urgent Care centers.

National Insurance

Digital Hub Strategy – Conducted focus groups across the United States to develop personas and segments to redesign the consumer hub site to increase website traffic. Exercise included persona development and segmentation to build focused features and elements to drive traffic.

Identifying the Decision Making Process – Conducted focus groups through different phases of discussion to identify points where the company can increase interactions and help consumers navigate the healthcare system. Additionally, the findings helped develop communication strategies to resonate with consumers and increase engagement.

Digital Marketing Testing – Measured the effectiveness of a health initiative campaign by conducting web lab groups. Respondents browsed the newly developed microsite and were exposed to the advertisements through custom websites.

Hub Page Usability Testing – Using the eye tracker lab, the hub page for members was tested for usability to redesign for a better user experience.

Top 5 Global Bank

E-banking Strategy – Developed strategy to enhance e-banking experience using innovation research to identify several innovative products and solutions.

Web Branding Strategy – Explored the website and branding strategy for a consumer lending site. Developed visitor segmentation and competitive site analysis using the WebLab.

Conjoint Research – Modeled the consumer decision making process across different loan products.

Fortune 500 Packaged Foods

Club Store Strategy – Identified a five-point growth strategy and initiatives for an under-developed retail channel.

International Market Mapping – Conducted competitive assessment in China and India to develop a strategy development for the largest international markets, as well as across multiple business units.

Retailer Assessment – Data mined available IRI database to develop a framework for analysis of key category/brand/retailer market dynamics.

Fortune 500 Media Network

Online Advertising Models – Used the ad processing and ad effectiveness models to help optimize online media spending for MTV.com. Results presented at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) 2009 Re:Think Conference: “Digital Marketing – Making Online Ads Work Better”.

Fortune 500 Media Conglomerate

Online Advertising Models – Identified optimal online advertising strategy for the client’s website using WebLab of target consumers.

Branding – Exploratory work on branding of the client’s website.

Global Industry Trade Association

Conducted eye tracker sessions and deployed surveys to measure the impact of the new generation of online advertisements, called the IAB Rising Stars, developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Second Largest University in the Country

University Brand and Ad Campaign Tracking – A pre- and post-ad campaign tracking study to measure the effects of the brand campaign on the university’s brand equity (knowledge, esteem, momentum), brand personality, brand beliefs and brand outcome measures.

Advertising Development & Testing – Two-phase process to generate and evaluate breakthrough messaging themes for the university’s marketing campaign.

Strategic Analysis – Quantitative & qualitative analyses conducted to identify key messaging platforms which resonate with university constituents and determine which should be the focal point of the university’s 3-5 year Strategic Plan.

Credit Rating Bureau

Competitive Analysis – The WebLab was used to conduct competitive assessment and detailed site evaluation to identify web branding strategy for a credit rating portal.

Web Applications Testing – WebLab testing of new website design and application enhancements with target B2B customers.

National Theme Park

New Product Testing – Developed new product/ticket offers using choice-based conjoint research design and hierarchical bayes (HB) analysis to identify optimal price and benefit tradeoffs.

Customer Satisfaction – Conducted multiple CSAT studies across theme parks, special events and product offers.

Fortune 500 Packaging Manufacturer

Personal Care Strategy – Identified roadmap for global growth strategy using 5C Strategic assessment of personal care packaging market, including market size, trends and opportunity areas.

Product Innovation – Leveraged trends and consumer insights to identify product innovation opportunities across consumers, customers and retailers.

Regional Utilities Corporation

Customer Research – Determined how residential and commercial customers understand, value, and relate to a utility provider, as well as knowledge, perceptions and brand personality of the corporation. Established salience of concerns with energy, utilities and the environment. Discovered how customers express needs and wants from a utility provider and tested initial brand positioning strategies and potential new creative concepts.

National Discount Retailer

Customer Research – Strategic assessment of current and prospective customer base. Conducted a three-year tracking study of customer satisfaction, retention, churn, and advertising awareness using POS survey methodology.

Sixth Largest Cable System in the U.S.

New Product Testing – Experimental Lab Testing of new high-speed internet service.

Slogan Test – Quantitative testing of potential new corporate tag lines.

Leading Travel & Tourism Advertising Agency

Brand Concept – Evaluation of island destination brand positioning, and identification of target customer segments using clustering and factoring of ideal destination ratings; data collected via online survey and panel respondents.